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Discover the Maeslantkering

There’s no other barrier in the world which has larger movable parts than the Maeslantkering. This part of the Deltaworks can handle a tidal wave of 5 metres above average sea level.

The Maeslantkering can be found in the Nieuwe Waterweg  near Hoek van Holland and was built between 1991 and 1997. The structure is fully automatically operated.This structure forms, together with the Hartelkering and the widening of the dykes at Rozenburg , the  Europoortkering. The Maeslantkering is a primary barrier, which means that it deals with the tidal waves from the sea. Hereby protects the stormvloedkering  the inhabitants of the province of  Zuid-Holland.

The Maeslantkering:

  • Closed during a storm on 9th November2007 for the first time. The latest stormclosure was on 3rd January 2018
  • Almost closed during the storm of 2002, 2013 en 2014. Falling just a few centimetres short of the official closure level.
  • Has two doors, each measuring 210 m. wide, 22 m high en 15 cm deep. It takes two hours to close the barrier.
  • Inside the ball joint are balljoints which have a diameter of 10m and a weight of 680 tonnes


For more information, you can visit the website of Rijkswaterstaat , follow this link:

Interactive part of the exhibition: Watervertelplein

Push one of the buttons or turn the tap on the interactive Watervertelplein and get more visual information about the reasons why the Netherlands are so well protected once the barriers are closed. Find out how we deal with riverwater and what happens in a period of drought. You can hear and feel a storm passing over and you can see how the rivers make their way through the country. 

Aerial photo

Standing by the aerial photograph of the province of Zuid Holland, you come to appreciate just how much water goes through this province. The role and size of the port of Rotterdam plays an important part in this story.


We can show you several films about the Maeslantkering and how we deal with our challenges regarding water in the province of Zuid Holland. These films are also in English or have subtitles in German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Thai or Chinese . There’s a children’s film specially made for het keringhuis ( only in Dutch)

New exposition "How waterproof are you?"

It is very important for people who live in the Netherlands to be aware of the challenges regarding water. What to do in case of too much or too little water. How can you prepare yourself . What can you do as a individual, how much do you know about the water situation where you live. By taking part in a short quiz the Dutch will get an answer to the question: How waterproof are you?”

Please feel free to use the buttons and look at the images to get an idea how the Dutch and the surrounding countries deal with rising water.


The Keringhuis is fun for our smallest visitors too. Outside you will find an area where they can play with water.They can use the pumps,built dykes with small sandbags and guide ships over the rivers. Kids and water... an ideal combination!

The garden of the Keringhuis

Behind the water playarea you will see a remarkable building. Written on the facadeare the words :“elke druppel telt”.Which means “each drop is important” 

This exposition is about climate adaptation; what can you do in and around your own home. What can we do ourselves about flooded cellars and flooded streets. We have used various materials and tiles to be used for paths in the garden which allows water to seep through back into the soil, rainbarrels to collect the water and green roofs with plants that hold the water. Make your garden green again by getting rid of pavingstones and re-use water in various ways!

Partners of Het Keringhuis

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